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Press Release

Announcement on Changes in Organization Structure

February 10, 2021
Cosmo Energy Exploration & Production Co., Ltd.

Cosmo Exploration & Production Co., Ltd. hereby announces the changes of organization structure effective from April 1, 2021.

<Detail of changes of organization structure>

  • To change the name of Corporate Planning Dept. to General Affairs Dept.
  • To change the name of Administration Dept. to Planning & Administration Dept.

Medium- to long-term planning, which is currently covered by both Corporate Planning Dept. and Administration Dept. will be integrated to Planning & Administration Dept. to enhance its functionality. Practical operations of accounting and finance, which are currently covered by Administration Dept. will be shifted to General Affairs Dept. to improve its operational efficiency.

<Organization Chart>

Organization Chart

(Contact details for inquiries)
Public Relations & Corporate Branding Group, Corporate Communication Dept., Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.
Mr.Tamura / Ms.Masuda TEL +81-3-3798-3101 FAX +81-3-3798-3841

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